World’s first portable sound camera SeeSV-S205 visualizes sound distribution

portable sound camera SeeSV-S205

Identifying sound just like you identify the hot and cold regions using a thermal camera is the new technology buzz that is all set to be unearthed. For example the rattling sound coming from under your car could be identified in no time using this new technology being developed by Professor Seok-Hyung Bae from the Department of Industrial Design at KAIST and SM Instruments, Inc. Called as the portable sound camera, SeeSV-S205 which won the Red Dot Design Award in Product Design 2013 category.

portable sound camera SeeSV-S205

Weighing just 1.78 kg and measuring 39 cm X 38 cm in height and width respectively; this sound camera has five spiral arrays of 30 highly sensitive digital microphones for tracing the sound signals using the FPGA-based high-speed beamforming technology. Combined with high resolution optical camera in the middle, the camera is quite capable of capturing 25 sound and visual images per second.

portable sound camera SeeSV-S205

The applications for such a pentagonal shaped camera device for detecting sound are immense as it can be applied in various fields to detect the sound and its intensity with utmost accuracy. From industrial to commercial and even personal product designs can be affected by this cool new technology.

portable sound camera SeeSV-S205

The newly developed product is an all-in-one system resolving the inconvenience of assembling the microphone before taking measurements. Moreover, the handle in the middle is ergonomically designed so users can balance its weight with one hand. The two handles on the sides work as a support and enable the user to hold the camera in various ways.

At the award ceremony, Professor Suk-Hyung Bae said

The effective combination of cutting edge technology and design components has been recognized.” He also said, “It shows the competency of the KAIST’s Department of Industrial Design, which has a high understanding of science and technology.



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