Researchers develop robot nose to identify fruits by smell

Dogs can smell human breath to detect cancerous tumors, with an intention to give robots such a quality to someday assist in delivering life-saving results, engineers at Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, and University of Gavle, Sweden have devised a robot nose, which can detect various fruit odors better that humans. The robot is embedded with 32 sensors that help it detect the smell of apple and pear slices better that people can.

The ideal goal of developing the electronic nose is to someday have a device which can smell what human nose cannot. Engineers believe, such a machine would be a great boon to the medical and even the business sector. Besides being able to detect the smell of diseases and ailments, the electronic nose would also assist juice-making, wine-making and other types of industries to detect the odor of the best fruits or grapes respectively.

The robot nose is still under development and there is no word on when something of the sort will be available for testing in the real world.

Via: TorontoSun



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