Earl – Solar powered Android tablet built for survival won’t let you get lost in the wild

Earl tablet solar powered

When you are going out on expeditions and adventure trips for days or even weeks, the best thing to do is to carry along with you the requisite gear that would get you out of any situation. So why not have a tablet PC that is built specifically for such situations? Here is Earl, the revolutionary new tablet made specifically for outdoor situations like survival in the wild. Powered by Android Jelly Bean 4.1, this tablet can be operated with gloves on, courtesy the flexible E-ink glove friendly touchscreen (1024×768) designed by LG which can be viewed easily in the sunlight and in Lunar mode for night time viewing that also functions as a lantern. Loaded with 3D joypad and gyroscope, Earl facilitates easy touch and motion gesture operation in all kind of situations.

Earl tablet solar powered

Since it is made for outdoor survival activities therefore it has a laminated solar panel (having mono crystalline solar cells) that provides 20 hours of battery on full charge of 5 hours. It is water, dust, shock and mud proof with around 30 minutes of submersion in 3 feet of water and temperature resistance range of 0-50 degree Celsius at altitudes of up to 40,000 feet.

Earl tablet solar powered

# Earl tablet specifications

• Flexible 6 inch screen
• 16GB internal memory expandable with microSD card
• i.MX 6 DualLight 1GHz Cortex A9 processor
• WiFi b/g/n
• Bluetooth 4.0
• Total weight 303 grams
• Measures 183mmx121mmx15mm
• 20 inch USB lanyard
• IR Blaster
• 3000mAh solar panel
• Waterproof shell

Earl tablet solar powered

# Earl standout features

• The GPS chipset provides pinpoint location, direction and elevation readings
• Access to over 300,000 trails for hardcore trekkers
• Measures heart rate, pace and cadence by connecting to Bluetooth 4.0 devices
• Internal weather sensors for weather forecasts even in remote locations
• Provides temperature, wind speed, direction, humidity and barometric pressure readings with built-in compass, micro anemometer and magnetometer
• Has a built-in two way radio with FRS,GMRS and MURS transceiver to connect to analog and digital frequencies 20 miles away.
• Walkie talkie that can be used to send help signal, secure text or voice messages to transmit weather, location and route information
• Listen to radio stations with a radio tuner fitted in
• Works with endless Android apps and has support for EPUB, MOBI and PDF e-reader formats
• Has a kickstand for added comfort
• Waterproof and magnet free speakers
• Attaches to your backpack for solar charging

Earl tablet solar powered

Right now Earl is going through the crowd funding stage and you can pre-order it for $250 in two color options; coal or snow before 9th June for free shipping.



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