External HDD case automatically erases data on disk after a period

Do you like self-destructing apps and online services, per se to remove your tweets after a while or maybe delete your photographs from your profile? Well, if you do, then here is an external hard disk drive from Japanese maker Century, which comes with a self-destruct (Timed erase) feature, you are bound to like. Dubbed the Jigen (CT-25-ERP), the encrypted drive needs to be frequently accessed, if it isn’t accessed for a set period of time, the drive automatically deletes data on it. Compatible with both Mac and Windows devices, the period of data preservation on the drive can be set from the company’s website, though data cannot be preserved beyond a period of 9,999 days.

Now, if you have lost your drive or your unable to access your drive for a set period you can be relaxed because the drive will delete your data so that no one else can access it. Besides the self-erasing feature, the external hard disk drive also comes with an automatic lock feature, i.e. the encrypted drive if not accessed for 999 minutes; it will automatically lock and will only open on a password. Now that’s security! The HDD/SSD 2.5-inch external hard disk case has a USB 3.0 port and is priced at 3,980 Yen (approx. $40).

Via: AkibaPC



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