Former-cop builds functional humanoid robot from household appliances

Making hand-built robot at home can be a perfect hobby for an engineer, but what do you say when a former police officer builds a humanoid robot that actually has moving limbs and other parts?  Baltimore resident Mark Haywood, an ex-cop has created a robot – he calls HEX, out of all kinds of household appliances. The four foot, three-inch humanoid robot is made out of plethora of ordinary household things comprising everything form an electric fan to kitchen fryer and from an old radio to speakers and discarded DVD player.

HEX is part art, part engineering feat, and is a result of four years of dedication. HEX’s legs are made from outdoor speakers and the waist is made from a DVD player, now that’s fab! Shoulders are devised out of electric fans and the head is made from an old radio clock of all things. The robot’s forearm is made from power tools and the chest and back from Kawasaki riding toys – yes we all used as kids. To add to it all Haywood has used 3D hands for a more modern artistic finish.

Drawing inspiration from the well-matured humanoid like the Honda’s ASIMO and Drexel University’s HUBO, HEX’s body parts can be remote controlled using a laptop connected with Zigbee USB dongle. HEX is pretty stable with 23 degrees of freedom; it can walk freely and has fully-functional hands, though Haywood feels he has a lot to do with HEX’s joints for more freedom in movement.

Update: Mark has just launched a project on Kickstarter to fund his next build. Here is the link to the campaign on the crowdfunding website.

Via: Inspyme



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