Identity Will iPhone 5 speaker case to amplify sound

Just how many times in the past have we seen iPhone docks and passive sound amplifiers, which have been specially designed to amplify the audio coming out of the iPhone 5? Now, if you were looking for a more portable and more personal sound amplifier for your iPhone 5, just go out and grab on to this 2,480 yen, about $25 Identity Will iPhone 5 speaker case which amplifies the phone’s audio by almost 10 to 15 percent sans electricity.

Built in two pieces the, Identity Will sticks on comfortably to the iPhone 5 without adding too much to its sleek and lightweight design. The case utilizes a unique resonance phenomenon of the sound to increase the audio quality. To gather sound from the iPhone 5, a path is created within the Identity Will, which enable the sound to be gathered from the point it is emitted by the phone to be relayed out of the speakers on the case without loss of sound.

Via: Strapya



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