VRZ 2 bike by Ralf Holleis has 3D printed frame

3D printed VRZ 2 bicycle by Ralf Holle

3D printing as a manufacturing technique has gained striking popularity and it is not surprising that a bicycle has been created using this revolutionary new technique. VRZ 2 Is a track bike by Ralf Holleis is that features a bike frame made from 3D printed stainless steel lugs stuck together using carbon fiber tubes. Using this technique, it is much easier to make custom bicycle frames within very less duration of time which in a way is a manufacturing advantage. The bicycle frame lugs can be made according to your demands as the blue print is generated by software having the capability to produce 3D files with laser cutting process. Once these parts are finished and bonded to the tubes. The VRZ 2 Belt version weighs just 4.9 kg and is good news for people looking for a light weight bicycle.

3D printed VRZ 2 bicycle by Ralf Holle

3D printed VRZ 2 bicycle by Ralf Holle

# VRZ 2 bike by Ralf Holleis


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