Sensor glove changes color to indicate toxic substances in air

Sensor glove

Employees working in chemical laboratories or others frequently exposed to harmful substances elsewhere are taught how to keep themselves safe in such hazardous areas. However sensing that there is still scope for improving safety, researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT have developed a glove that can recognize toxic and harmful substances in the surrounding air and makes handling such substance less risky.

The sensor enabled glove detects and alerts employees of any harmful substances in the air around them. The warning signal is triggered by an indicator dye incorporated into the glove, which detects toxic substances and changes color of the glove to indicate. The glove changes color from colorless to blue to warn the employees immediately about harmful substances in the air around them.

Dr. Sabine Trupp, head of the Fraunhofer EMFT Sensor Materials group explains that the life-saving glove is capable of detecting gases like carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide and can also detect leaks in gas lines (representing another potential area of application of the glove).

Via: Fraunhofer/Dvice/UberGizmo



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