Vertibot – The self balancing 3D printed robot

Vertibot robot

[Miguel] has built a 3D printed self-balancing robot called Vertibot that looks to have a deeper insight into the functioning of sensors when they are clubbed with PID algorithms. The robot has been 3D printed in two different stages as the body was a bit longer than normal. In addition to this to provide some assistance in movement by providing traction the tires are fitted with black bands. Vertibot is powered by a Arduino Nano and for communication 6 DOF IMU board is used to track the movement. In addition to this three potentiometers allow for the tweaking of PID loop without reflashing any code which was a big relief for [Miguel]. This little robot is controlled wirelessly by communication over the Bluetooth module in conjunction with a Graphical User Interface software. The robot it is like an inverted pendulum that remains balanced courtesy two tiny motors located at the bottom of the robotic structure.

The gyroscope and accelerometer are used to provide all the balancing acts of Vertibot and the two DC motors on-board make sure that there is enough torque on the wheels for a smooth motion.

Via: HackADay



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