The Seal, wearable swimming monitor and drowning detection system

Most pool alarms out there signal when people fall into the water, the goal is to keep people safe but they restrict a person’s access to the pool. But how about a wearable monitor that keeps track of your swimming and also saves you from drowning? Yes, that’s exactly what the SEAL, the first portable swim monitoring and drowning detection system does. The Seal delivers accurate warning alarms to lifeguards or parents – so that either of them can help you when need arises. Employing the SwimSafe Technology, the Seal connects the swimmer with lifeguards or parents wirelessly with use of a wearable device and a monitoring hub.

Unlike other monitoring systems, the comfortable wireless swim band – the Seal allows a wearer to jump, dive and even hold the breath yet remain safe in the water. The band worn by the swimmer continuously provides a swimmer’s status to the central hub and the parent or guard’s band. Each band contains unique electronic signal so many swimmers can be monitored at the same time.

When the Seal detects a swimmer in problem, it delivers a warning as – audio, visual and vibrating alarm. The Seal also has a warning alarm to signal a power failure, out-of-range signal or if the swimmer band has opened. Being highly portable and powered by rechargeable batteries, the Seal can even be carried outdoors to beaches etc. The Seal is up on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, if you have liked how Seal intends to better our swimming experience then show your concern.



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