Functional Swiss Army Knife made out of Lego bricks

We’ve seen some really exciting Lego creations in our time, but there was still scope for a Lego Swiss Army Knife – yes you read that right! And Lego artist Robiwan_Kenobi has made it real with his Swiss Army Knife built out of LEGO Technic and Bionicle parts. Kenobi first built a Lego Swiss Knife back in 2010, since then he has been improvising on it and now he has a functional Lego Swiss Knife ready. The folding mechanism on this one works exactly like the real knife and all four tools fitted within are sort of functional.  Kenobi has put the Lego Swiss Knife on Lego crowdfunding website LEGO Cuusoo, so if you want to see it for real, you can go out and show your support.

Kenobi is inviting comments to know what kind of Lego Swiss Army Knife people want to use and what type of tools they want included in it – you can get over to LEGO Cuusoo and get your own customized Swiss knife made.



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