Palm-sized portable cloth ironing gadget costs just $10

Travel Mobile hot repressor

If you are too particular about your dressing and go out on business trips and official meeting very regularly then having a very neat and clean wrinkle free look for your attire is paramount. Not only the wrinkles but having those crisp collars, perfectly ironed tie and pointed creases on your formal pants adds to your charisma and professional outlook. So wouldn’t it be great if you could have a portable iron that you could carry along with you at all times? Yes, a portable iron that is USB powered by charging from your PC or works on AA batteries is all that you need in your bag to iron pants, tie, shirt or skirt in a jiffy without any hassle. Card hot-repressor also known as Travel Mobile hot repressor is a palm-sized iron that has a unique design with heater on both the internal surfaces so that it easily removes wrinkles anytime anywhere you want.

The cap of the repressor itself becomes the clip to hold the cloth so that you can easily move the repressor to create a trouser crease or remove wrinkles. Card hot-repressor measures only 100mmx60mmx18mm and weighs just 60 grams making it ideal for travel trips and business engagements. The price of $10 USD (980 Japanese Yen) sounds reasonable and worth spending on such a compact ironing gadget that can come handy anytime you want.



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