Samsung flexible HDTV display technology is the future

Samsung flexible HDTV display technology

Samsung has successfully patented a display technology for HDTV that allows the user to bend it for better viewing from any corner of the room using a remote control. It is just like changing the channels on your current generation of TV’s and the patented technology that allows for deformation of flexible display panel has panel rotation unit for the rotation. The flexible display adjusts the image being displayed on the screen so that it doesn’t look distorted to the user(s) in the room or any other setting, be it home or outdoor location.

The flexible display can be bent using the remote control by providing a bending direction, bending degree and the deformation using the remote control that has infrared or Bluetooth communication using the menus, command keys or buttons on the remote control itself. This new technology is going to pave way for the kind of HDTV’s we are going to see in the future and sounds pretty promising.

Samsung flexible HDTV display technology

Samsung flexible HDTV display technology

Via: PatentBolt



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