JPL BioSleeve lets you control robot with hand and arm gestures

You must have seen robots controlled using remote controls, smartphones and even gestures. Now, to let you control robots easily and with lot more freedom, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has developed a new gesture-based human interface called BioSleeve, which uses an array of sensors including electromyogram (EMG) sensors, IMUs and magnetometers to allow you to control a robot using gestures alone. The BioSleeve courtesy all the embedded sensors measures activity of the wearer’s forearm, muscle force and finger movements and then decodes the gestures of hand and arm to control the robot accordingly.

Basically BioSleeve is an elastic bandage, which can be embedded into any wearable garment and covers most of the forearm. There is no extra setup time involved in installing and BioSleve can immediately detect movements of the muscles in the forearm (i.e. all the muscles of the hand) and recognize the movement and force of the fingers (individually), hand, wrist and the arm.  Therefore the wearer can simply gesture and the robot will respond to it.

Via: SpectrumIEEE



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