Tiny palm-sized single lens reflex camera is the infant of camera world

palm sized Single lens reflex camera

With cameras getting smaller and smaller by the day, compact enough to fit in your palm just like the Novo Camera the stakes have been raised to produce a camera even smaller than that. This camera dubbed as Single Lens Reflex Camera is even smaller and light-weight than the Novo Camera measuring only 28mmx38mmx33mm and weighing an astonishing 17 grams. Capable of taking videos in AVI file format and images in JPEG format at 1280×720 and 2560×1920 resolution respectively at 30 frames per second makes this camera cool. Loaded with a motion detection function and LED light, the camera can take equally good images of static as well as moving subjects in any kind of lighting conditions.

palm sized Single lens reflex camera

The images and videos can be stored in the micro SD/SDHC card slot provided on the bottom surface of the camera and it can be charged with you PC using the USB charging feature. The price tag for this little camera is 5,980 Japanese Yen ($58 USD) and is worth having in your geek collection of niche gadgets as it is a true functional replica of the original single-lens reflex camera.

palm sized Single lens reflex camera



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