Teen invents compact cell phone battery for charging in less than 30 seconds

Fastest cell phone charger supercapacitor

Normally it takes at-least half an hour to charge cell phone battery whether it is wireless charging method or the conventional charging means. Well all that is set to be drastically changed as a California teen has invented an energy storage device that can juice up your phone battery in around 20 to 30 seconds. Eesha Khare aged 18 is a resident of Saratoga, who won the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair worth $50,000 for this ingenious invention called as the supercapictor, said that the motivation for this kind of energy source is the inability of current charging devices to achieve such a feat. On top of that the small little charging gizmo lasts for 10,000 charge-cycles which are far more than the conventional 1000 cycles for rechargeable batteries.

The supercapacitor has a lot of applications apart from cell phone charging, for example it can be used in rollup displays, car batteries LED lights and clothing as it has a huge advantage over batteries. Moreover the supercapacitor looks very small and would bring a smile to mobile manufacturers as they could use the space for fitting in other hardware.

Via: NBCNews



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