Sweatproof and anti-fall ITreq MP3 player for active geeks

ITreq MP3 player

People who lead a hectic and active lifestyle crave for gadgets that are complimentary to their daily routine. For example, blokes who love gyming and sports activity want a small little MP3 player that can hook onto their ears without falling. Keeping this in mind VOX One Audio Labs has designed a light-weight, comfortable, compact and feature rich MP3 player dubbed as ITreq MP3 Player that can be mounted directly into the ear using the headphone vacuum type earplugs. Resembling a Bluetooth headset design, this MP3 Player can play 8 hours of uninterrupted music and can be charged using USB connectivity. One can operate the ITreq MP3 player using single ear or dual ear option.

ITreq MP3 player

ITreq MP3 Player has micro SD card expandable memory so that you can upload all your favorite tracks and playlists. Coming onto the make, ITreq MP3 player has high impact ABS shell and grade silicone rubber ear hooks, which tackles all the sweat and other elements during rigorous physical activity. The project is up on Kickstarter crowd-funding platform and if you pledge $59 or more you’ll have the liberty to get your hands on one of these along with other goodies like free micro SD card too.

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