10 watches made from uniquely interesting materials

We’ve seen watches made in all types of shapes and sizes; what’s interesting is that some of these watches have been constructed in really unique materials to attract customers. Watchmakers around the globe have used some very interesting materials to make watches that not only push the art of watch making to a new level, but also transform extraordinary materials into watches of exceptionality. Listed below (in no particular order) are 10 watches made from uniquely interesting materials.

# Moon Dust watch

Made by Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome, the Moon Dust-DNA range is a collection of watches made from various materials including moon dust, parts from the Apollo 11 and some bits of spacesuits used in ISS mission. The dials of the watches feature moon dust, steel from Apollo 11 space shuttle is used to make the cases, while strap is made of fabric from spacesuits. The Moon Dust-DNA watches are available for $15,000 to $500,000.

# Water-filled watch

Ressence has launched new Type 3 watch that replaces traditional hands of a watch with invisible fluid mounted dials, which spin in prefect sync. To make things more interesting Type 3 has water filled in between the sapphire and watch’s flat surface. The dial, courtesy the fluid, creates and optical illusion which makes it look gently curved on the sides (though it is actually flat). The Water-filled Type 3 watch can be grabbed for $30,000.

# Watch made out of Sapphire

Richard Mille RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire watch is fully transparent, and is completely made from sapphire. The limited edition watch is only available in 5 pieces and has everything from case, movement bridges and baseplate made is sapphire crystals. Besides the tourbillon, the $1,653,000 watch displays hours and minutes with power-reserve and torque.

# Dinosaur bones watch

Louis Moinet Jurassic Tourbilon is an amazing watch created with fragments of about 130 million year-old dinosaur bones.  The watch is handmade in 18K white gold case, 3.46 cts six Top Wesselton VVS baguette diamonds on the bezel and fragments of fossilized dinosaur bones in the dial. Louis Moinet Jurassic Tourbilon is made in limited edition of 12 pieces only.

# Lava DNA watch

Romain Jerome, famous for his ingenious watches, mesmerized us all by using volcanic lava ash to create a watch. Romain Jerome used Eyjafjallajökull volcanic ash to create the famous   Eyjafjallajökull-DNA watch. Featuring a steel bezel and volcanic ash in the dial, the Eyjafjallajökull-DNA watch is really exclusive and limited to one piece only.

# Bullet watch

Swiss watch designer Yvan Arpa created “Son of a Gun” watch for ArtyA. Son of a Gun as the name suggest is watch made with real bullets stuck up in the dial, like you would see in a revolver barrel. The Bullet watch aimed at high-end watch collectors has a steel case and high grade sapphire crystal finish and features self-winding movement and 42-hour power reserve.

# Titanic DNA watch

Watches made from hull of the Titanic would probably be the watches made from one of the rarest material on earth for sure. Priced at $152,450 a piece, the watch’s case is made with a combination of shipbuilding steel. The limited edition (2,012 pieces) Titanic DNA watch by Romain Jerome was made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sink.

# Concrete watch

Paris based designer Dzmitry Samal has creates a range of watches made from concrete. Concrete watches come in a range of eight different variants each limited to 100 or 250 pieces and the price range is from $1,190 to $1,500. The watch has 6 hand Swiss quartz chronograph encased in 42 mm diameter concrete housing. For extra protection the design is dominated by raised bezel for safeguarding the mineral crystal in sandwich construction.

# 3D printed leather watch

Zayger Watches has created a new range of classic handcrafted and affordable 3D printed watches. Zayger’s LeatherTime is first watch made from 3D printed high quality precious metals and wrapped in finest quality leathers. LeatherTime is a fashionable and classic wristwatch with includes a 40mm case with a 4mm crown, a leather strap, a matching leather dial and awesome leather inlay on both sides of the case.

# Wooden watch

Ukrainian craftsman Valerii Danevych creates functional wrist-watches made entirely out of wood. Everything in the watches is made from wood except for the metal spring required to propel the movement. Offered at approximately $128,640 price tag, the wooden tourbillon watches can store 20 hours of reserve power.



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