Robot made from scrap material in China

The world is filled with innovative minds. Every mind has its own style and method to display its creativity. Such an example is this functional robot created by Tao Xiangli, a 37 year old DIY genius from Beijing, China. Tao who made headlines three years back by building a submarine on his own has an amazing collection of homemade creations and now once again he is back with another ingenious achievement.

In the words of Tao, this metal behemoth is ugly, but kind of awesome. Weighing at 225kg (496lb), this 2.1 meter tall robot is made out of wires and scrap parts purchased from second hand markets. It took more than 11 months and above 150,000 Yuan (US$25,000 approx) was spent in building this robot. As far as functionality is concerned, using infrared rays the robot is even apparently capable of impersonating human actions and performing simple movements. Apart that a flick of switch placed on its back can make the robot shake hands, raise its legs and turn its neck.

The unique fact is that simple bright neon cable strips are used for eyes of this complex machine. The best part is that Tao Xiangli has not made a humanoid casing for this robot so that the 3000 wire lengths and 110 scrap parts used to make it work are visible.

Robot made from scrap

Robot made from scrap

Via: OddityCentral


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