Ceramic Stereo smartphone audio controller by Victor Johansson

We have used our fingertips to swipe over touchscreen display and have to a large extent interacted with our electronics by waving a hand in the air or probably speaking to it. Future of interaction with devices could be a merger of physical and digital senses, if something like the Ceramic Stereo concept by Swedish designer Victor Johansson could see light of the day. Ceramic Stereo marries wireless connectivity and communication to work as a smartphone audio controller, which maps intangible function, settings and actions for the real world.

When we use a smartphone to play music we ideally attach it to a speaker using a lead or play wirelessly, but with Ceramic Stereo we’d just be required to place the smartphone on one of the three unmarked positions on the device, which will starts one of the three actions (Play, Pause and Radio). Inspired by key-bowl – used to keep keys safe in the house, the three positions on the Ceramic Stereo are only visible when the device is powered or as action is initiated on it.

Via: URDesign



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