Man rides jet powered bicycle at record breaking 163 mph

Until just yesterday we believed Donhou Bicycles’ 100mph bike unveiled at Bespoked Bristol show recently would be the fastest bicycles when it would hit the street, but today we have woken up to an amazingly new record. François Gissy piloted his homemade rocket-powered bicycle up to record breaking speed of 163 mph (263km/h) on disused air force runway. Now is that the fastest bike ever? Not sure, the speed record isn’t yet verified. Sources state that the bicycle was a lot slower, so even we are awaiting an official word.

The jet-powered bicycle Gissy piloted has been developed in collaboration with Swiss company Exotic Thermo Engineering, which created hydrogen peroxide-powered propulsion unit for the bike. The bike has a GPS unit on board, which was used to measure the speed. Hit the jump to see a short video of Gissy rocketing past a car on his record breaking rocket-powered bicycle.

Via: BikeRadar/Technabob



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