Gestural control technology for mobile devices will overtake touchscreen input methods

3dim Tech gestural control technology

Just when you geeks out there were thinking that touchscreens are the norm when it comes to modern day gadgets, a new technology is paving way to eliminate the dominance of touchscreens all together with its intuitive applications. 3dim Tech, the winner of prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s 2013 MIT $100k business plan competition has created new software that will make gestural control interaction on smart mobile devices and other gadgets a cake walk. With no need to touch your gadget’s screen, the data input can be provided directly through projections for example virtual keyboards that can be projected away from the gadget, thereby making it easy for the user to provide the input and keeping the display clean of any smudges or stains. This could in a way spell doomsday for gadget accessories like Bluetooth keyboards, come year 2014.

The technology is brain child of three senior Ph.D. students at MIT; Ahmed Kirmani, Andrea Colaco and Nan-Wei Gong. Since the team has around $120,000 and the first prize money of $100,000 in total it all looks good to be commercially available for mobile devices and gadgets like tablets, smartphones, televisions and wearable technology like Google Glasses. 3dim Tech has already demonstrated the technology with 5 top handset manufacturers in the world as the software repurposes the infrared components which are a standard in the modern smartphones without the need of new hardware.
The 3D gesture-capture technology will allow for a sophisticated method of sensing motion and the compressed 3D signals will keep the costs low and minimize the battery drain.

According to Ahmed Kirmani, MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science PhD student:

Our vision is to become the leading provider of embedded software for 3D capture, enabling applications in mobile productivity, mobile gaming, smart wearables, and smart home appliances. By winning the $100K, we are even better positioned to improve the way millions of users interact with their smart devices.

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