Life size Lego X-Wing fighter from Star Wars only doesn’t fly!

There can only be one thing that gets better than Lego, and it’s a giant Lego creation. Living by its fame of doing normal things abnormally (to fascinate our wits) Danish toy company Lego has created an unbelievable 1:1 scale model of the X-Wing Starfighter from Star Wars completely out of 5,335,200 Lego bricks. Weighing a whopping 46,000 pounds, the X-Wing fighter, good to carry all our favorite Star Wars characters, is one of the largest Lego sculptures ever built.

According to reports, the Fighter was assembled at the Lego Model Shop in Kladno, Czech Republic and is now on display at Times Square in Manhattan and will be there for a couple of days more. The massive model measures 11-feet tall and 43 feet long; it has a wingspan of 44-feet and has a steel truss frame, which holds the entire thing together. The amazing creation is result of 4 months of hard work by 32 builders.

From Times Square, the Lego X-Wing fighter will make its way to the LegoLand Resort in California where it will remain for the rest of this year.

Via: Gizmodo



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