High school kid builds a fully-functional one-man submarine

Justin Beckerman, an 18-year-old student at Mendham High School in New Jersey has built himself a fully-functional one-man submarine, which he has taken up to six feet underwater. Justin has been building miniature jet-engines, remote controlled cars and vacuums etc from household scrap since childhood, and his fascination for subs has got him to attempt it twice before, but this one is perhaps his best attempt at it. The submarine is made out of grooved plastics (used in piping) and uses some other readily available scarp items, and it largely lightweight and sturdy.

With slight help from his father, it took Justin about eleven months designing and building the submarine in the basement of his house. He has also custom-built a cart to hold and carry the sub. For now, the submarine has a radio, breathing system and a pair of back-up batteries just in case something goes wrong, hit the jump to see the inside of the sub’s cockpit which houses different dials, switches, screens and fuses along with enough room for one person. Justin has set himself a goal to make the submarine reach a depth of 30 feet; do you think that’s doable?

Via: NJ



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