Phogo Case for iPhone 5 comes with dedicated tripod hole

Phogo case for iPhone 5

There are so many innovative iPhone 5 cases we’ve seen in the past, but this one dubbed the Phogo Case is perhaps the best for photographers, who love clicking everything possible with their amazing smartphone. The Phogo Case for the iPhone 5 features a tripod hole in the body, which allows the iPhone to be used for taking pictures by installing it on any type of tripod. The easy to install feature allows photographers, and amateurs like you and me to mount the iPhone on to a tripod and shoot amazing photographs making the most of iPhone 5’s 8 MP camera.

Besides the tripod hole, which can also be used to attach a neck strap or hand strap, if required, the cool Phogo Case feature a large camera hole, which allows you to attach lenses to shoot exciting picks. Available for 3,980 Yen (approx. $40) the 23g Phogo Case comes in three color backs and designs. To make shooting in the light fun and easy, the Phogo Case comes with an outdoor sun shade (sold separately), which avoids any reflection on the screen while shooting.

Phogo case for iPhone 5-  Phogo case for iPhone 5  Phogo case for iPhone 5  Phogo case for iPhone 5

Via: Rakuten



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