Mutator shuts down all the sounds of your iPhone when needed

Mutator for iPhone

If you are bugged by your iPhone’s Ring/Silent switch that does nothing more than muting the ringtone and ignores all other sounds from apps, sound effects for camera, voice memos or Siri then you need to get the Mutator. It is a physical switch for your iPhone that mutes all sounds and can be really useful for business meetings, funerals, concerts, movies or any other situation where your iPhone coming alive with loud sound can be a real downer for you as well as others around you. A simple little accessory designed by Ron Adair of Salt Lake City, Mutator does so by blocking the headphone port of your smartphone as it fools you phone into thinking that the sound has to be channeled through the 3.5 mm jack.

Mutator for iPhone

The Mutator accessory can be plugged into the headphone jack and to mute your iPhone completely all you have to do is turn it in specific direction and to unmute it again turn it back into position, it is that simple. For now the Mutator project is up on Kickstarter for funding and if it makes through that stage you could have it for as less as $8 in two color options black or white by the month of October.

Via: CultOfMac



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