Credit card sized Micro-Phone is one real smartphone


Are you someone who’s sick of all the 5-inch and other bouffant smartphones that are so much hassle to carry? Did you always want a phone that’s small, convenient and can easily fit into your clutch or wallet? If so then, Micro-Phone designed in collaboration by Australian and Chinese companies is just the perfect phone for you. This credit card-sized quad band mobile phone measures as little as 5.5mm thick and weighs less than 40g. The sleek and affordable Micro-Phone is ideal for travelling or an emergency, or just to give to your child when you cannot be with them, yet make sure where they are all the time.


A convincing blend of beauty and brains, the Micro-Phone touts of battery life of approximately 21 days and surprisingly it isn’t just a mobile phone but also a locator that can tell you anytime where your child, partner or an aged grandparent is. The Micro-Phone comes with an optional integrated locator, which uses a mobile tower triangulation and a free ‘Locate Me’ App to give you an instant update on the user’s current location in real time.

The R&D and field testing of the Micro-Phone are almost complete, and its designers have got the phone to crowdfunding website indiegogo to fund the final phase of the project. If you want to be the first to own a Micro-Phone, you can donate $39 and upwards towards their $50,000 goal.



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