Ardumower – Arduino powered robotic lawnmower designed by students

Ardumower – Arduino powered robotic lawnmower

Young students at the LeCroy Career Technical Center have created an automated lawn mower for a national robotics competition and it does seem good. Made from parts including motorized wheelchair, push mower, Arduino mini-computer and sensors; the intellectual students designed the automated lawnmower dubbed as Ardumower before completing their school’s summer session. It was the motivation and challenge of robotics instructor Jay LeCroy and Jasan Sosa that prompted students like Trevor Moon(of Thorsby) and Chase Minor(of Clanton) to come up with such an idea.

First off the robotic students disassembled a motorized wheelchair, welded to stretch the metal frame and then fitted the programmable hardware that allowed them to autonomously or remotely operate it without much hassle. Using Google Maps as the coordinate locater, they were able to program the Arduino in such a way that the grass from selected area is cut without even remote controlling the lawnmower.

Currently the team is working on improving the abilities of Ardumower and the only flaw right now is its incapability to resume cutting grass once it encounters any obstacle, which however will be fixed I’m sure.

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