A digital girlfriend from Japan for your lonely drives

Passenger Seat Girlfriend
We know ZMP Inc. as a robotics and automotive company inclined at developing platforms for next-gen vehicles, now enhancing on its portfolio, ZMP has designed a new 2D girlfriend to accompany you on those lonely drives. Displayed at the Automotive Engineering Exposition in Yokohama, Japan, the Passenger Seat Girlfriend is basically a smartphone app dubbed Car Friend, which syncs with your in-car navigation and other sensor enabled units, to use the information to talk to the driver.  

It is proven that driving with a passenger lowers risk of car accidents, therefore something like the passenger girlfriend, who talks to the lonely driver is just the perfect to have and keep safe. The Passenger Seat Girlfriend has a voice of an overenthusiastic anime character, which can show excitement, speak about the view outside or talk about the weather etc – it’s almost as if you actually have another person in the car with you.  Hit the jump to see the video.

Via: JapanToday



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