World’s first hydrogen fuel cell-powered e-bike by Cycleurope

Gitane Alter bike fuel cell powered

It isn’t the first time we’ve seen a company trail down path of fuel cells; there have been a few attempts in the past, however, it is for the first time that we’ve seen a hydrogen fuel cell-powered bike for real.  Developed by Cycleurope in collaboration with Pragma Industries and Ventec, the Alter Bike is a new age e-bike which can be operated without the need of plug-in sockets and long battery charging, allowing it to be used just about anywhere for a ride as long possible.

Alter Bike – the world’s first industrialized hydrogen fuel cell electric bike was launched at the 20th Congress of “Le Club des Villes et Territoires Cyclables”, in Nice, France. The bike comes with ready-to-use energy cartridges which can be simply replaced for continuous power. According to the makers, the Alter Bike launched under the brand name Gitane, is a new concept electric bicycle which eliminates all the constraints of electric cycling by striking out the need for plug-in sockets and charging stations, which are such a problem with electric vehicles.

Via: BikeEurope



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