Hand-cranked Voltmaker portable gadget charger doubles as a flashlight too

Voltmaker hybrid gadget charger

There are innumerable emergency gadget chargers and kits that are specifically targeted for audience who like to stay outdoors a lot of times and are looking for a portable solution to juice up the gadgets. And yet another addition is this portable charger that can provide power to any of your gadgets. Called as Voltmaker, the charger can recharge all your portable devices like smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, camcorder, GPS device etc. via hybrid charging system. You can charge up your gadgets using the in-build rechargeable battery and in case that too runs out of juice you can use the hand-cranked version which generates electricity using the kinetic energy. Interestingly Voltmaker charger also functions as a flashlight as you can connect a LED light USB (provided with the product).

Voltmaker hybrid gadget charger

Voltmaker, made from aluminum material measures 6 inch and weights 10 ounce making it a perfect accessory for hiking trips and adventure tours where survival gear is paramount. Moreover the 2,000-mAh battery that can be charged in less than 2 hours gives you the much needed backup for your power hungry gadgets providing a whopping 100,000 hours of battery life.

Voltmaker hybrid gadget charger

Right now the award-winning Voltmaker is up on Indiegogo platform for crowd funding and looks a worthwhile product to invest you money in. If the project is successful in amassing the required funding goal you can expect to get it for around $90 and if you do pledge your money into it you’ll also get some relay good early bird offers too for it.

Via: Cnet



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