WiSee gesture control Wi-Fi technology will revolutionize wireless network adapters

WiSee gesture control Wi-Fi technology

Just like you are accustomed to gesture control technologies that let you turn on/off room lights with the sway of a hand or lamp controlled with face gestures; a team of students headed by professor Shyam Gollakota at the University of Washington has come up with gesture controlled Wi-Fi home network called WiSee. As the name itself suggests, this cheap Wi-Fi technology is able to track your body movements and recognize them as valid inputs for performing actions like switching on/off the Wi-Fi connection etc. for connected devices. Being the first ever wireless system that can recognize gestures through walls and also non-line-of-sight without the use of any cameras or other hardware; WiSee in its current prototype stage looks all set to revolutionize the Wi-Fi technology all

WiSee gesture control Wi-Fi technology_1

Capable of identifying 9 gestures in total, WiSee gesture controlled wireless network developed by Qifan Pu, Sidhant Gupta, Shyam Gollakota and Shwetak Patel will be presented at the International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking in Miami. Being one of the cheapest gesture recognition technology, WiSee has great potential for application in various commecial as well as military.

WiSee gesture control Wi-Fi technology

Currently the technology requires the user to learn the gestures through a software so that they can input what they want from any corner of their house without confusing the system into taking wrong input for the gestures or failing to do so.

Via: NBCNews



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