Brain-controlled helicopter is the pinnacle of brain-computer interfaces

Brain-controlled helicopter quadcopter

Unlike some of the quadcopters featured earlier at our portal this one will completely blow you as it is a thought controlled helicopter that soars into the sky. Developed by a team of scientists led by engineering professor Bin He at University of Minnesota, this though-controlled helicopter is the perfect example of Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) making it quite capable of being just controlled by thoughts of your brain. The user is fitted with cap having 64 electrodes that detect electrical signals of brain wave activity using the EEG (electroencephalography) and then converting the signals into the control signals for the helicopter. The cap detects the brainwave activity close to the scalp where motor cortex portion of the brain is located and therefore is able to read the user’s intention about moving the helicopter in 3D space.

According to the team of scientists there is a wide range of applications for this technology that spans far across the domain of various researches. This non-invasive procedure of controlling physical objects with your brain allows the user to take off the cap at anytime they want unlike other brain-computer interfaces which require surgical implants that are too costly and impractical. Apparently this brain-controlled helicopter quadcopter was flown through a series of hoops at a college gymnasium in Minnesota to demonstrate the high class technology application of what we call as brain-computer interfaces.

Via: SmithsonianMag



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