Spinpod for flawless panoramic and time lapse photography with smartphones

Spinpod phone mount and dock
Have you ever wanted a device you could carry around with you to help shoot motion time lapse videos and panoramic shoots with your phone or camera? Here we’ve found you an answer in the Spinpod – a little device that acts as a stand to let you take better panoramic photos and do a lot of precise motion time lapse videography with your phone or camera. Designed by Zhiping Chen and Daniel Aharoni the simple to use Spinpod fits in your pocket, and allows everyone from amateur to professionals and high end users to make seamless motion time-lapse videos and take amazing panoramic pictures just anywhere, anytime.

Spinpod phone mount and dock-2

Owing to its small size, users can carry the Spinpod anywhere they go. So, whether you’re going camping, hiking or for another beach party, simply setup the phone or camera on the Spinpod (it can also be used on a tripod) and take the best panoramic shoots ever or make the most gripping time lapse video possible. Spinpod has a timer, so you can even click self panoramas too. Spinpod has an independent rotation feature – it rotates (at defined time intervals set by the user) in a perfect speed very close to the axis of the phone, so you get flawless photos and videos.

Spinpod phone mount and dock-1

When not being used as a stand to take pictures or make videos, the Spinpod can also be used as a dock or passive sound amplifier for your iPhone or Android phones. Spinpod has reached crowdfunding site Kickstarter where it intends to get backed with $75,000. If you like the idea, do show some backing! Hit the jump to see a video of Spinpod in action.



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