mOwayduino customizable mini robot capable of doing anything you want

mOwayduino robot

Making a robot is not everybody’s prerogative but at-least the proposition of a robot that you can tinker around for different kind of functionalities sounds really great. Minirobots has created a programmable mini robot called mOwayduino which is based on Arduino Leonardo ATmega32u4 and has 4 anti-collision infrared sensors along with a light intensity sensor for flawless movement in any lighting conditions. The movement of this robot is actuated by a 3-axis accelerometer and 2 Opto-reflective infra-red sensors for the floor. mOwayduino is open to third-party programming in C/C++, Scratch, Java and Python platforms making it ideal for creative kids and students who always wanted an open source robotic platform that can be tinkered according to their needs.

mOwayduino robot

The two existing modules of mOwayduino robot include the ability to connect to gadgets (smartphones, tablets, telephones), internet websites and webservers to let them control the movement of the robot wirelessly from any location. Another module allows mOwayduino to see real-time images via a vision system for shape and color recognition.

mOwayduino robot

mOwayduino is equipped with a microphone and rechargeable LiPo battery (recharged via USB port) capable of providing 2 hours of non-stop fun. The mini robotic platform is going to be up on crowd-funding platform Indiegogo and paves way for limitless possibilities for developer community and robotic fanatics.

Via: TechCrunch /GeekyGadgets



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