Statial: 3D printed case for a mouse is fully customizable

Statial 3D printed mouse case by PyottDesign

A computer peripheral we bloggers use second to a keyboard is a mouse. Dragging the mouse for endless hours really takes a toll on our hands; this is when we wish we had a mouse customized to our hands position and needs. Enter the Statial – a 3D printed fully customizable mouse case, and our wish is granted. Designed by Charlie Pyott of PyottDesign, the innovative 3D printed mouse case is infinitely physically customizable for an ergonomic fit. When combined with a mouse (sans its shell casing), the Statial case creates a personally customized mouse surface which can be locked and unlocked from a switch in the center.

Best when used with Logitech M100 mouse, the Statial 3D printed case for the mouse is printed in single build with interlocking hinge components. The amazing 3D printed mouse case is available from Shapeways for €65 (approximately $85) in Purple, Black and Blue colors to choose from.

Statial 3D printed mouse case

Via: 3DPrintingIndustry



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