Japanese Noah’s Ark lifeboat lets you survive a tsunami

Japanese Noah’s Ark lifeboat

After the abrupt increase in the intensity of natural disasters like Tsunami, hurricanes, typhoon and floods there has been a keen interest for creating disaster shelters and rigs that help you survive any kind of apocalypse. For example the Life Armor and Archelon Emergency Capsule which are specifically designed to take on the watery wrath of nature in the form of Tsunami, hurricane or floods. Now along the same lines Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Tokyo have designed Noah’s Ark lifeboat which can accommodate up to 35 people for survival in tsunami or an extremely dangerous flood. Made from reinforced plastic, Noah’s Ark measures 8.4m x 3m x 3.1 m (length, width and height) and can cruise along at the speed of 36 km/h.

Noah’s Ark lifeboat is reinforced with rubber bottom and along the sides there is reinforced foam cushioning to protect against collisions. There is a private toilet also onboard since you can’t control nature’s call when the rough seas out there make it difficult to step outside in case of a natural disaster. When things get settled and it is time to get some sun in your eyes, Noah’s Ark opens up from the top hatch. The price for such premium disaster survival lifeboat is going to be nowhere near cheap and that is why Noah’s Ark carries a price tag of $70,500 – $80,500.

Japanese Noah’s Ark lifeboat

Japanese Noah’s Ark lifeboat

Japanese Noah’s Ark lifeboat

Via: Asahi



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