Pinhole camera powered by watch movement from Kwanghun Hyun

Heartbeat Kwanghun Hyun

Pinhole camera is the simplest and oldest form of cameras, thus it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we’ve all seen many types of pinhole cameras. However, Heartbeat – a custom-made pinhole camera by Korean designer and photographer Kwanghun Hyun which uses watch movements for its mechanism, is the most distinctive ever. The Heartbeat is essentially a functional camera, except that the movement has been rebuilt. Hyun has used Unitas 6497 movement to regulate the camera’s mechanical shutter which doesn’t restrict the camera’s ability in any way and allows the Heartbeat to produce interesting and great photos.

Made of brass with knobs and rings, the Heartbeat has mechanical parts self picked by Hyun. The camera is fully functional – simply set shutter speed and press the release button and there you’re done. Kwanghun Hyun has made a lot of electronics and watches using scrap, the Heartbeat pinhole camera is perhaps the most focused creation.

Heartbeat Kwanghun Hyun-1

Heartbeat Kwanghun Hyun-2

Heartbeat Kwanghun Hyun-3

Via: Worn&Wound/Hodinkee



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