Polk speakers and headphones for Microsoft Xbox One gaming console


Now that Microsoft Xbox One is here to give you the gaming adrenalin of your life it only makes sense that you enjoy all the intense gaming action in high quality sound. Polk has come up with premium audio products like sound bar and headphones that deliver finely tuned audio for the Xbox One in association with Microsoft. No matter what genre of game you are playing or the in game situation, to compliment the breath-taking graphics quality of Xbox One gaming console these audio products from Polk who have been redefining high quality music since 40 years is commendable.

# According to Branden Powell, Microsoft director of strategic alliances

The Xbox One brings together innovative technology and iconic design, and these are attributes that we identified in Polk’s engineering as well. The collaboration has resulted in audio products that are customized for all-in-one entertainment and that will immerse Xbox One users in brilliant sound, whether they are using the console to play a game, watch TV or a movie, or listen to music.

Polk will launch their range of high quality audio products for Xbox One gaming console at E3 on June 11-13 at Polk booth (#4016).

Polk audio products for Microsoft Xbox One



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