Komorebi umbrella shades you with greenery in rain and sun

Komorebi umbrella

We’ve seen some really innovative umbrellas to beat the heat and rain. Some of my favorite one’s until had been the unbreakable walking stick umbrella and the Brolly rain umbrella with handle to facilitate texting, but now I think the Komorebi umbrella by designers Fumito Kogure and Shinya Kaneko is my new favorite. The Komorebi isn’t just a shade against strong ultraviolet rays and downpour it’s also a shade from monotonous urban lifestyle with amazing greenery in its make.

Priced at 3990 Yen ($40) Komorebi, Japanese for “sunshine filtering through foliage” has an amazing green cover which creates a creative and artful solution to all typical and ugly umbrellas in rain or shine. Now, with Komorebi, carry your personal tree just about anywhere.

Komorebi umbrella

Komorebi umbrella

Via: Mitsubai/Spoon&Tamago



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