iTray: First iPad-controlled flying tray serves you in London

iTray -  iPad controlled FylingTray

What if your understanding of the word ‘Fast Food’ could have a literal meaning? World’s first iPad-controlled flying tray in YO! Sushi in Soho, London, is serving its customers with appetizers and drinks in a brand new way. Called as iTray, the flying tray drone is made from carbon fiber material and can hurl at the speed of 25mph for a distance of 50 meters aided by on-board cameras that provide live video feed to waiters and kitchen staff to keep a check if the food has been delivered.

The iTray is lightweight, carbon fiber gadget, which is surprising guests at YO! Sushi by flying their orders to their table in real science fiction style. This state-of-the-art way of serving food will be introduced in 64 UK branches by 2014 if the pilot phase is successful.

Via: YahooNews



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  1. Parker Lumpee says:

    This looks pretty impractical and dangerous. Maybe prop guards would be important so as not to hurt customers.

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