Homemade Soapbox Starship steals the show at Star Trek Into the Darkness 2013 premiere

Homemade Soapbox Starship Enterprise by Rob Wixey

For the premiere of “Star Trek Into the Darkness 2013” movie, Rob Wixey a 29 year old die hard Star Wars fan bamboozled everyone present with his Soapbox Starship craft made in his backyard in two months. The cool sci-fi craft came to life with the help of his three friends for the Red Bull Soapbox race that will take place at Alexandra Palace on Sunday 14 July. And his entry into the Star Trek premiere is all courtesy Red Bull who were so taken aback by his creativity.

This two meter long craft has a steel framework that forms the base of this home DIY Starship which is welded to a bike cut in half having inverted handlebars for ease in steering. Other than that the shaping up of the Soapbox Starship is done with plywood and polystyrene. One the basic shape was finalized; Rob coated it in fiberglass and sanded it before applying the paint.

To make the Soapbox Starship look amazingly real for the much coveted Star Trek Into the Darkness 2013 premiere, Rob dressed himself in full Spock outfit, with a pair of prosthetic Vulcan ear tips.

According to Rob Wixey

Only yesterday I entered into a sci-fi short film contest judged by Benedict Cumberbatch and now I will be watching the Star Trek premiere with him – the whole experience is overwhelming. Now I can’t wait for the Red Bull Soapbox event, maybe some of the Star Trek cast will come down and cheer me on!

People’s reactions to the Starship today have been brilliant – they loved it. I have such an admiration for JJ Abrams and it’s great to be part of the premiere – though I do feel slightly overdressed.

Via: RedBull



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