3D printed ‘Control My Cap’ is perfect to light up your graduation night

3D printed Control my cap

Everyone remembers the day one graduates, but a remarkable mark on the day adds some extra spice to the memory. Such an impact is added by this student named Jeremy Blum, an electrical engineering graduate from Cornell University as he showcased his web connected 3D printed graduation cap. According to Jeremy, after spending five years to be Masters in Electrical engineering, he wanted to invent something for others to mess up with so that graduation ceremony turns out to be more interesting rather than boring, which they usually are.

Control my cap

The project is named ‘Control my cap’ and it is a Wi-Fi headpiece consisting cap PCB unit, wrist mounted Raspberry Pi linux computer and battery pack. Capable of automatically connecting to a pre allowed list of WPA protected WiFi hotspots on boot, the Raspberry Pi controls light up display on Jeremy’s graduation mortar board. The case that easily holds and protects the Raspberry Pi and the Adrafruit LCD plus Keypad Pi plate has been designed and 3D printed by Jeremy. The best thing is that the case can be easily snapped into a bracelet allowing you to strap on your Raspberry Pi to your wrist. Apart from the case, Jeremy also printed various other parts using PLA plastic on a MakerBot Replicator Dual to hold LED Board alongwith light diffuser on his graduation mortar board.

Control my cap

Coming to cap’s color, a mobile website has been used by Jeremy that allows anyone to give in the desired color. The ten colors submitted most recently on the mobile site are regularly grabbed by the wrist computer in web controlled mode and are displayed on the cap. For the first time when color is displayed, a tweet is sent to its requester by the Raspberry Pi letting them know that their color is now being displayed.

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