Gokuusu business card sized ultra-thin portable battery for your gadgets

Gokuusu portable battery

Portable batteries for your modern day power hungry gadgets are becoming ever so popular these days and keeping in mind that you as a demanding customer wants quality product, Thanko has come up with a multipurpose portable battery. Gokuusu, a 4.5mm ultra-thin business card sized 1,000mAh lithium ion portable battery that has an in-built memory of 4GB for storage purpose. The four different connection adapters; namely dock connector, lightning connector, micro USB and mini USB connector make sure that most of your gadgets are compatible with this ultra-compact battery backup.

The Gokuusu portable battery for your gadgets weights only 35 grams and has overall dimensions of 54.4mmx85.5×4.5mm. Made from aluminum material, the battery charges-up in 3 hours time and provides an output of 5V, 600mA for charging up your gadgets. Surprisingly Gokuusu portable battery will cost only 2,980 Yen ($ 30).



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