Migaloo – A massive 337-ft yacht-submarine hybrid for billionaires

Migaloo yacht-submarine hybrid

With their allusion of affluence and essence of excess, yachts are so passe! So, what did Austrian industrial design studio Motion code: blue hatch to satiate the flashy billionaires of our world? Well, they conceptualized the Migaloo – a gargantuan 377-ft long contraption of a yacht that also doubles up as a submarine. The name ‘Migaloo’ has been borrowed from an albino humpback whale. And, like its organic counterpart, the yacht/submarine will have an imposing form; which will also comprise of a slew of spatial components. These include personal lounges, a private theater for showing movies, a dedicated helipad, a library, a gym; all complemented by utilities like a separate laundry room and a 26-ft long swimming pool.

Of course, with a project so big and bold in its magnitude, the ultimate design will certainly pose as a marvel of modern engineering. In this regard, there are plans to endow the Migaloo marine based vessel with state-of-the-art pressure-proof glass facades. These advanced windows would be supplemented by underwater lights, thus providing spectacular views of the vibrant ocean beds and vivacious coral reefs. However, all of these specifications still belong to the realm of conjecture, as the whole Migaloo endeavor is in its nascent conceptual stage. But, with so many hi-tech options and varied spatial zones, we would suspect that the cost factor might easily smash the set standard of a multi-million dollar figure.

Via: BusinessInsider


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