Colin Furze’s ‘garage made’ jet powered bike goes up to 50 mph

Jet powered bicycle by Colin Furze

It may seem a bit unfair on our part, but we have to say – jet powered bikes are not really novel anymore in the realm of vehicular technology. However, what is still exciting is the level of whimsicality one brings to the focus, especially with eccentric conceptions like the above pictured Colin Furze creation. A self-proclaimed ‘garage inventor’, Furze from Lincolnshire already has a few amusing Guinness World Records to his name – like, the world’s longest motorbike and the world’s fastest baby stroller. And, now the Britisher has created a jet powered bike that remarkably travels at 50 mph (around 80.5 km/hr).

There is a certain conscientious quotient attached with his contrivance, as the Raleigh bike originally belonged to his friend’s mother. Our street-smart inventor saved this forlorn piece of contraption from being sold as scrap, and then modified it to meet his rigorous, speed-oriented demands. Christened as ‘Norah’, one of the conspicuous changes to the bike is its extension of frame (by 1 meter) that would keep the rider safe from the blistering heat generated by the jet exhaust.

Now, after some tests, the final version of the jet powered Norah was able to reach the 50 mph. However, Furze warns us that after the ‘pleasant’ 35-45 mph range, things do feel a bit jittery with the shaking of the light frame and the not-so sturdy tires. Anyhow, you can always gleefully gawk at the video below to have your share of ‘speed’ fun.

Via: ColinFurze/Telegraph


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