Rectangular Wood.Head.Phones that you can burn after use

Wood.Head.Phones by Anders Stai Fougner

Headphones made from wood sound interesting and the though that came to my mind was that these headphones look like National Geographic Channel’s logo cut in half and stuck onto a guy’s head! Created by Anders Stai Fougner, a 19 year student from Oslo Norway, these headphones have a perfect half cut rectangular shape made from wood material. Anders calls them the Wood.Head.Phones and as the name suggests, the pair is made completely out of wood which is good for the environment also as you can burn them away once you get bored of them. Currently Wood.Head.Phones are up on a crowd-funding website for amassing the required production money and once that is achieved, you can expect to get your hand on one of these.

Wood.Head.Phones by Anders Stai Fougner

Wood.Head.Phones by Anders Stai Fougner

I’m not sure how comfortable they are going to be after you wear them for a long stint of time and neither am I certain about the sound quality that they’ll deliver. But on hind sight, they make perfect sense for people who crave to have environmentally friendly gadgets in their collection.

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