iPhone 5 Concrete Docking Station by Zeitgeistfactory


As if concrete clothing and concrete watches weren’t enough for innovation, a Massachusetts-based company, Zeitgeistfactory has designed a Concrete Docking Station for the iPhone 5. You sure have used some really unique iPhone cases in the past; yet, this concrete dock will find a place in your house for its sheer brilliance. The Concrete Docking Station is completely handmade and is created with a blend of cement and recycled stone dust – a by-product of countertop industry. The concrete dock features a concrete peg which fits comfortably in place via a pair of silicone o-rings and can be used in vertical or horizontal orientations. There is no word on the price or when the dock will be available in the market. 

Concrete-iPhone-docking station Concrete-iPhone-docking station-1 Concrete-iPhone-docking station-2 Concrete-iPhone-docking station-3 Concrete-iPhone-docking station-4

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