AuPod Watch – Smokin cool $2500 homemade iPod Nano gold wristwatch

AuGold watch gold iPod nano wristwatch

Wristwatches are cool, and so is the sixth generation iPod Nano, so why not make something that combines the goodness of both these gadgets into one. Ted Chapanian a keen DIY expert wanted to make an iPod wristwatch that had the bling factor attached to it that is what prompted him to make the gold iPod wristwatch that he calls as the AuPod Watch. Made from two 18 K gold coins that he melted and molded to make a case for the iPod Nano, the AuPod wristwatch took a painstaking 500 hours to come to life after hit and trial in the production process. Surely this is a DIY that many would want to venture on but the material required to cast it won’t be available in any general store.

AuGold watch gold iPod nano wristwatch

The casing for watch was casted out from the iPod’s aluminum casing itself and after going through the process of creating negative and positive molds the final plaster mold was used to cast the gold casing for the wristwatch. It took a lot of precision and patience to polish and redefine the details of this wristwatch and amazingly Chapanian did it all himself.

As the AuPod wristwatch is made from gold thereby it costs $2500 which might not be on your list of things to buy or make but will definitely attract the plush buyers. Have a look at the video below to learn how the AuPod wristwatch came into life.

Via: eBaumsWorld



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