Summer Oxford shirt has the effective way to clean your gadgets

VoyVoy Summer Oxford Shirt

Every time your smartphone, sunglasses or spectacles are smudged in stains, water drop spots and fingerprints; by instinct you reach for the loose part of your shirt or t-shirt to clean it in a jiffy; isn’t it true? On the other hand, if you are a sophisticated geek, then you carry a microfiber cloth along with you to clean up anything smudged in stains. Keeping this in mind, VoyVoy has created Summer Oxford shirt designed by Nat Disston (New York-based designer) which has microfiber cloth sewn on the underside of so that you can do the cleaning in a jiffy. Normally a shirt cloth cannot clean delicate surfaces like anti-reflective coating glasses, the way a microfiber cloth can do and on top of that it can damage the surface.

VoyVoy Summer Oxford Shirt

The microfiber cloth underneath the Summer Oxford shirt is made from lightweight fabric material and you won’t even notice it embedded onto the shirt. Now, if the thought of sewing microfiber cloth onto your existing shirt collection is crossing your mind then Disston has some advice for you.

VoyVoy Summer Oxford Shirt

Fusing or bonding the fabric entirely would cause some issues – a strong bond may create a little stain on the front side of the shirt. It would also make this corner of the shirt tail very stiff. A lighter bond would compromise durability, as it could lose its bond with wear and tear.

VoyVoy Summer Oxford Shirt

Right now the shirt is sold out for $98 but if you want it then you can apply for the next lot of these shirts in the wait list.

VoyVoy Summer Oxford Shirt

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